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Choosing the right bedding mortar

To get the best performance from our manhole covers, gratings and surface boxes we recommend using the appropriate materials to install them, in particular a bedding mortar that has been specifically developed for this purpose.

A suitable mortar should ideally be non-shrink, be rapid set and have a quick strength gain. We strongly advise against using standard concretes or sand and cement mortars for this purpose.

A. Mix material

Should be mixed and placed in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines.

B. Bedding layer

Place layer of bedding mortar on brickwork approximately 25mm to 40mm in depth. Ensure that enough coverage is available to make contact with the entire flange of the casting.

C. Seat casting

Position casting frame over the manhole chamber and tamp down to ensure that the mortar keys into the casting.

D. Level casting

Ensure that the casting is level with the road surface by placing a straight edge across the corners of the casting onto the road. Frame can be made level by tamping the frame into the bedding material.

E. Check gaps under flange

Ensure that there are no visible gaps under the flange and smooth bedding material with trowel both inside and outside of chamber.

F. Envelope flange

Use the remaining mortar to envelope the flange paying particular attention to the corner areas. Smooth out the mortar with a trowel to ensure good bonding with the casting and to avoid any initial cracks in the bedding material.

G. Backfill

Check that the bedding material has hardened and backfill with asphalt. Ensure that the asphalt is properly compacted.

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